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Auto Transmission Cleaning

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What Can Our Auto Transmission Cleaning Machine Do For You?

Building on the same award-winning principle as the EDT Engine Cleaner, the newly launched auto transmission machine removes accumulated contaminants that build up over time. The machine undertakes auto transmission fluid exchanges, removing old fluid, flushing the auto box through with a bespoke cleaner and conditioner and then replenishing it with new fluid – all automatically.

With such technology giving garages an opportunity to take advantage of an as-yet untouched market, EDT Automotive say that this unique service will be an easy sell to customers, with the long-term benefits to a vehicle’s health far outweighing the initial outlay for a treatment.

“In a standard automatic transmission fluid change, you’d be lucky if you get 60 per cent of the oil changed, so you’re always working on 40 per cent contaminated oil. With the machine we’re bringing to the market, the minimum it’s going to change is 78 per cent.”

“Half of our customers who already have the EDT machine have said they also want an auto transmission decontamination one too.”, said David Holmes, Managing Director at EDT Automotive.

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Our award-winning EDT Treatments improve fuel economy, reduce carbon emissions and improve driving performance!

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  • John L – BMW owner

    As the owner of a much loved but high mileage 5 Series BMW which was starting to show its age, I was recommended to contact Nick at Brixey Auto Repairs to see if he could help restore my car to something approaching its former glories.

    Through his and Ben’s knowledge and experience they were able to bring my car back to life and offered both professionalism, customer service and value; I was extremely grateful for their efforts and the results.

    Booking my, now restored, car in for a routine service, Nick recently mentioned that he had access to the EDT Automotive Engine Deep Clean treatment and asked me to consider the potential benefits of putting my car through this treatment. As Nick had recommended it I didn’t have to think very hard or long before agreeing and I am glad I did. The results have been astounding, the engine is now so smooth it could almost be new and the power has clearly increased. Most impressively though, when I undertook my normal daily 150 mile commute I found that the fuel economy had improved by nearly 8 mpg.

    The EDT Automotive Engine Deep Clean treatment will pay for itself in increased fuel economy and has given me a car that is now more fun than ever to drive, all the while helping to protect me from future repairs; it really is an amazing treatment and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  • Silvano Grotti

    I am now driven my Volvo for the last week or so and I can honestly say the performance has definitely improved.
    I’ve been driving up to Stratford upon avon and also went to Calais for the day plus numerous journey to the busy Capital, the car engine seems to be smoother and quieter than before EDT Treatment. Crispier performance too, and not at all sluggish as previously, i may have to keep the car for a bit longer now!!!

    In terms of fuel consumption before treatment I was on about 47.3 MPG, i am now 49 MPG.

    Thanks very much guys

  • James in West Sussex

    I kid you not, its like a different car to drive! Normally it idles around 1100 – 1200 RPM all shaky and rattling and is a hard drive through the gears to cruising speed. NOW it sits happily at 700-800RPM, idles like a kitten and is as smooth as a babies bum to a comfortable 65/70 mph!

  • Dave H West Sussex

    BIG improvement! It feels like a brand new car and now pulls like a train compared to before! I’m still smiling and think I will be doing for a long time!



  • Peugeot 308 owner

    Peugeot 308 1.6 HDI 233K Customer- Bury St Edmonds

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