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Where There’s Muck, There’s A Top Treatment: Workshop Magazine Talk To Some Of EDT’s Partners

Over the operational life of an engine, it is common knowledge that fuel economy and…Read more >

Workshop Magazine Reveiw EDT’s Full Engine Detox

Offering something different to customers is a major factor in the success of independent garages…Read more >

The Green Organisation review EDT’s Engine Cleaning Treatment

Dozens of Independent garages across the UK now offer EDT’s innovative service to their customers…Read more >

Garage Wire Find Out Why EDT’S Engine Cleaning Machine is So Popular

Based in Kent, EDT the Engine Detox Specialists have generated an extra £2.5m in additional…Read more >

An Update On Fred Ling

An update on Kent-based motorsport starlet Fred Ling The youngest driver in this season’s BTRDA…Read more >

Another Satisfied Customer

Having cleaned the engines of over 22,000 cars, and only being founded in 2013,  EDT…Read more >

EDT Feature In New Statesman Online Magazine

EDT have been included in renowned magazine, New Statesman’s technology feature this week, looking at…Read more >

Come and See Us This Summer

EDT Automotive will be on the road over the next few months, demonstrating and explaining…Read more >

EDT sponsors Kent-based motorsport starlet Ling

EDT sponsors Kent-based motorsport starlet Ling 17-year-old to drive in BTRDA Clubmans Rallycross Championship “Fred…Read more >

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