Partners Testimonials

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‘’Well it works!!! We enjoy great response and feedback from our customers, as a new business it’s given me the edge in my area plus additional business it’s generated just from word of mouth is credit to the results it produces. I offer this to everyone and most have it done immediately, adding additional revenue to the job with little effort.

We were recently given a Audi A8 with a warning light nobody could cure, the car was continuously going into limp mode, after diagnosis and driving the car I felt it had lost power so I suggested an EDT treatment, this has resolved the problem nobody else could fix. The treatment washing out the carbon build up around the turbo and through the veins of the engine made all the difference. Great product and people at EDT Automotive’’

Anthony Sevis Owner Dukes Park

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‘’Great product every customer notices the difference in their car after we complete the treatment the incremental profit it’s added to my business has a been well received too and we did not buy it the pay per use system works for us.

Neil Hutchinson Owner Mercury cars

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We are very new to the partnership with EDT, we follow up every customer and they say the cars are quieter smoother and more responsive. Last week a chap with Insignia Diesel came back and shook my hand to say thanks for the difference it’s made and now he not changing his car, says it all really – great machine easy to use and offer!

Martin Reynolds Owner Stan Reynolds

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Even physically seeing this treatment being carried out on my own vehicle a 2.2D Jaguar X-Type I was still if honest a little sceptical. But with an open mind I drove the vehicle afterwards. I could tell within the first 1/2 mile that the car felt smoother which was obviously the reduction in friction internally in the engine, the engine also sounded quieter which is a bonus as we use the car as advertising. We have carried out the treatment on numerous varying vehicles from 2.0D X-Types, 2.7D S-Types, Daimler Super V8(X350) and even a Chevrolet Corvette and we have had nothing but positive feedback from all customer.

Great product and all our customers seem to be agreeing so what more can I say.

Andrew White – Owner – AWJ Automotive

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We have found EDT very useful with cars that have failed the MOT. We have treated 4 or 5 cars now that had failed on emissions, both petrol & diesel, and this has vastly reduced the emissions to well below the permitted levels.

Having a visual proof to show the customer of the results before and after has worked wonders.

The ease of which the machine can be used means that anyone capable of caring out an oil & filter change, can carry out an EDT. No major training required.

Phil West – Manager – Mid Kent Vehicle Services

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In the consistently difficult trading conditions that face all aftersales departments it is refreshing to find a product that both delivers what it says it will and delivers a very measurable profit to the bottom line”

Matt Walton – Group Service Manager –  Sandicliffe

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“Adding additional profit to an aftersales department is a difficult task, however the team at EDT offer an instant answer! The business model is excellent and it works and pays a profit”

Jon Tatnall – General Manager – Yeomans

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“Good Product, Good Team, Good Support, Good profit opportunity”. 

Brett Robins- Group General Service Manager-Essex Auto Group