EDT Automotive Testimonials



Audi A6 2.7 TDI 70K, Steve Hole – Automotive Editor – Sussex “As a motoring journalist I have to confess to being a natural cynic when it comes to new products and services. However, having had the EDT Automotive treatment carried out on my Audi A6 diesel I am incredibly impressed. The engine is more responsive, throttle inputs are less and mid-range punch has increased dramatically.

Audi A4 3.0D 40K – Nigel Simkins – In the South East “The real benefit I noticed is that pick up and acceleration are far quicker and smoother since the decontamination, the oil is still clean a month after the service so just goes to show how deposits can build up as before the service the oil was like treacle….”

Audi A4 2.0 Diesel 2004, 70K – Lee Hutchinson – Master Tech – Cambridge
“It’s definitely quieter and got more pick up than what it did. I’m pleasantly surprised. It cleared the rattle that the car had. It’s worked wonders!

Audi A4 2.0 Diesel 2001, 114K – Darren Burns – Service Advisor – Cambridge
“Over the moon with the treatment. More power and more responsive. I can instantly feel the difference before leaving the premises. I would be happy to recommend and promote.
IT HELD BACK BEFORE AND HAD A LACK OF POWER. I’VE TRIED OTHER PRODUCTS BUT THE EDT BRINGS IT BACK TO WHERE IT USED TO BE!”Tina Gerhartz Before the service and decontamination was done on my car, she was not running very well at all, very sluggish, and had no oomph at all. Wow what a difference this has made, she feels like new again, so much smoother and the power is unbelievable, I can honestly say my car is a dream to drive now and would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting this done.
Steve Hole I have to confess that I was sceptical pre-EDT treatment as I have lost count of the amount of ‘Doc Holliday Snake Oil Wonder Cures’ I have seen over the years but my beloved Audi A6 has responded beautifully to EDT’s process. 2865 miles later, mostly hard-driven work use my oil is still as golden as when it was done and I guess the most impressive thing is the added mid-range punch of torque…I’m well impressed. So much so I’m going to have BMW X5 diesel done now…
“It has definitely helped with the start up. The oil must be getting to the top quicker as I had no noise from the tappets. The top of the engine runs very smooth and themoved from 18 to 24. Change up through the gears seems less lumpy too”.

Derek McGeorge — Very pleased with the result. My 320d has done 132k miles, I thought it drove fine before hand. After the treatment it’s like a different car. Smoother, quieter and pulls so much better from lower down the rev range. Early indications show a noticeable improvement to mpg too. Definitely recommend.

James Harness –  I just like to thank you for the engine decontamination treatment that was performed on my diesel BMW. The vehicle has full service history with 120 K on the clock and I was still surprised at the amount of carbons and gunk that was sucked out of the engine. BIG improvment! it feels like a brand new car and pulls like a train compared to before! I’m still smiling and think I will be doing for a long time! i will definitley be paying for this treatment again next year!

John Linney – BMW 520D E60 (346k miles) As the owner of a much loved but high mileage 5 Series BMW which was starting to show its age, I was recommended to contact Nick at Brixey Auto Repairs to see if he could help restore my car to something approaching its former glories.
Through his and Ben’s knowledge and experience they were able to bring my car back to life and offered both professionalism, customer service and value; I was extremely grateful for their efforts and the results.
Booking my, now restored, car in for a routine service, Nick recently mentioned that he had access to the EDT Automotive Engine Deep Clean treatment and asked me to consider the potential benefits of putting my car through this treatment. As Nick had recommended it I didn’t have to think very hard or long before agreeing and I am glad I did. The results have been astounding, the engine is now so smooth it could almost be new and the power has clearly increased. Most impressively though, when I undertook my normal daily 150 mile commute I found that the fuel economy had improved by nearly 8 mpg.
The EDT Automotive Engine Deep Clean treatment will pay for itself in increased fuel economy and has given me a car that is now more fun than ever to drive, all the while helping to protect me from future repairs; it really is an amazing treatment and one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Scott Underhill, Level 3 Jaguar technician @ H.A.Fox Southampton (BMW 318 – 120k) The revs were smoother and it was easier and smoother on start up
I’ve just had my 2003 E46 M3 treated, which is on 111K, and after seeing the amount of deposits that were removed I saw an instant improvment from 17 to 21 MPG on the journey to and from work. Really impressed, Highly recommended and I will spread the good word. Thanks EDT.

Nick Grady – GM H.A Fox Jaguar 56.5 MPG vs. 45.6 MPG Mr scepitical converted. I have to admit, it makes a great difference!

Adam Hatfield – “As soon as I started the engine I noticed it was quieter and once we got going I could immediatley tell there was more power, It was smoother and faster, It was doing about 37mpg before and that’s up to 43. It’s just incredible.

Shelim Uddin – BMW E46 325I Sports – “After going through several garages to diagnose a noise with no success, I thought I’d give Dukes Park Automotive a try. Antony was excellent, diagnosed the problem, had the wheel bearing issue (Noise) sorted and including fitting Crank Case Breathers, plus Engine decontamination Treatment carried out.
The car is now running significantly smoother than before!

Rian wispy – BMW 330 CI “Three words. Get it done. My cars on 135k. Had this done thought if it did half of what it said I’ll be happy. It did more than that. Started it. Couldn’t hear it running, response at low end was brilliant. Took it for a long run and floored it. Fairly threw me back in the seat. I kid you not this is really amazing!!!! Getting girlfriends done also”.

GLENN SWIFT – BMW 320d TouringMy old lady ( the car! 155,000 miles) was very sluggish and noisy however since having the EDT service it so much quieter and pulls as it did when I first bought it. The turbo kicks in very smoothly. I will recommend to my golf club mates.

Simon “Came in for repair on my BMW E46 330ci for a abs\dsc fault and oil service including Engine decontamination treatment, service and price was excellent and as for the decontamination its completely changed the way my car drives and performs like it never has before in the 4 years I’ve owned it, defiantly worth the money. Very happy customer and will always be returning”.

Jez Markham – “Was very impressed with the results, a noticeable improvement in pickup in all gears, smoother power delivery and a now rock steady idle whereas before it was a little shaky. Too soon to tell any improvement in MPG but it would be the icing on the cake. Excellent service as well, couldn’t fault it”.
I definitely have noticed that the car runs much smoother than before. Feels much silkier at the low end with less cabin noise and vibrations. Idle is super smooth, it seemed fine before but it has made a big improvement. I still haven’t had a proper chance to test the performance yet but will report back once I do. It has always run very well but does now feel like a car that’s much younger and done far less miles than it actually has. Thanks again, very impressed. Pete BMW M3

Edd Sparks “Very happy, looks like I’m getting better MPG and just a much smoother drive”

Philip Jerome “The car has just reached 61,000 miles, and now she drives like a new car. Much quieter and a smoother drive, which is proof that the engine needed this work done”.

Glenn Smith “My old lady ( the car! 155,000 miles) was very sluggish and noisy however since having the EDT service it so much quieter and pulls as it did when I first bought it. The turbo kicks in very smoothly. I will recommend to my golf club mates”.
Three words. Get it done. My cars on 135k. Had this done thought if it did half of what it said I’ll be happy. It did more than that. Started it. Couldn’t hear it running, response at low end was brilliant. Took it for a long run and floored it. Fairly threw me back in the seat. I kid you not this is really amazing!!!! Getting girlfriends done also.

Shelim Uddin “The car is now running significantly smoother than before!

Gill Perry — What a difference ! My car has been rejuvenated 🙂 The engine is quieter and it drives so much better. There may be 125k on the clock but it feels more like 2500. Great service from David and the gang. I’m sure our other cars will find their way to you soon. Would recommend this without hesitation 🙂

Mo Perry – “Very Smooth, Impressive”

Alex Parsons “After having the EDT Treatment, my car is smoother, a lot more responsive, it’s just brilliant all round !!! The oil is still golden even after 400 miles. I am recommending EDT to all I know !!!.”

Leanne Cooper Davie – “Wow wee! I recently had my 11 yr old Honda Civic sport done at John Banks in Bury St Edmunds, not only does it sound quieter, it is more responsive and today I got 62.1 mpg from it!! Amazing!!

Ben Fuller – “Very impressed with the engine deep clean treatment on my Honda S2000 there is a noticeable difference in power especially in the lower rev range and all together runs smoother and quieter big thank you to the boys at drive in mot centre

James Andrew Mayle– Last Tuesday I had my car booked in for an EDT. I thought I’d give it the best part of a week so I can see how the car performs in different driving styles. I drive a 2.0 litre petrol Fiesta ST and I am all about efficiency. I thought for a moment that I had done everything I possibly could to make my car more efficient such as using the best tyres, fuels, oils, filters, remap, spark plugs and leads and you name it! …then of course I ran into the EDT guys at a stall in the Battlesbridge classic car show. I was won over by the concept of cleaning the gunk out of the engine, helping it run smoother and becoming better on fuel so I booked in with them. Before the car was done, it ran pretty well anyway as I had always taken care of the car and serviced it on a regular basis and had so the owners before. I was unsure whether I would notice much difference. Anyway, the day soon came around that my engine was to be decontaminated and I made my way to the garage. I was greeted with a warm welcome from the chap I met at the car show and he explained the process to me. Whilst we were waiting for the ramp to free up, I was politely offered a coffee and we generally started to get into conversation, sharing our love for cars. The car was then treated within half an hour or so (including fitting the new oil filter and filling up the oil). We checked the colour of the oil and the level and it was so so clean it was near impossible to see (which is great)! I then took the car around the block and immediately as I pulled away I noticed the smoother inclination in revs. I barely had to put my foot on the throttle to accelerate. I took it for a small journey probably about a mile or two long and ended up averaging about 50mpg. I was amazed. I then did about 5 days of driving which involved driving to and from work (32 mile round trip) and around my home town. I was averaging about 45 mpg by this time. This was generally between 2-5 mpg more than I usually would achieve. I then had a little bit of fun in the car and put my foot down at the lights and still got a respective 37.5 mpg which is about 5 mpg more than I would usually get. Oh and on top of that, the car pulled better, pushing me back into the seat even more so than it usually did and the inclination in revs was still much smoother and less like it was happening in stages. After over half a tank of fuel down, the colour of the oil had barely even changed. There was no thick brown or black gloop, just a nice clear oil with a marginal, almost unnoticeable yellow tint. It’s safe to say I am very pleased with what the guys at EDT have done for me and my car. I would like to thank them for carrying out the EDT on my car. I was very happy paying the price I did as you probably wouldn’t even get a standard oil change for much cheaper. The power you get is the power your car lost throughout its life, just being restored so don’t be expecting turbo power. It’s the little things that make a big difference and all the little improvements that the EDT gave my car has improved its drivability noticeably. If you know your car as well as I know mine, and it has a fair few miles on the clock, I guarantee you will notice the difference! Once again thanks guys for restoring my car to its prime!

Lee Payne – Being a technician was somewhat cynical but open minded, had my Ford Focus ST 2.5T treated, if anybody else has one, or anything else for that matter, get it done. Smoother idle, more responsive, boosts earlier, holds it for longer and charges more aggressively, just an all round more enjoyable drive! And you’ll get your money back in time with the MPG improvements as well!

Grant Buckingham – Hi had the engine treatment carried out on my Ford RS Focus mark 1 and when we went out for a test drive after and I could notice the difference straight away I was so impressed with the ends results that I booked into have my Range Rover Sport done the very next week and got the same results, also I would like to add that no only were the staff at the garage very friendly (Mid Kent Vehicle Services ) but the lad that carried out the treatment was a real car enthusiast and took pride in his work and was very professional many thanks Simon all the best.

Richard Technician – Just a quick review on my car after doing the engine decontamination treatment. My ST Focus now performs better i.e acceleration is smoother, my turbo boost’s better and smoother and holds boost better aswel. The engine oil itself is so much cleaner it’s so much cleaner it’s hardly noticeable on the dipstick. It’s definitely an improvement and I would advise anyone to have it done to there vehicle especially a sporty car like my ST.

Dave Ralph – I would like to say the deep engine clean your servicing team did on the Kuga when it came in for a service has been a resounding success. I can honestly say I am pleasntly surprised as the car appears to have much improved power and is quieter and has beter fuel consumption. The revs were lower at a steady 70MPH and much better pick up even at the top end. The car has had a run up to Cumbria and back and the engine appeared much improved and would certainly recomended the deep engine clean.

Dave at WR Davies Llangenfhi – Just to report after having EDT carried out onb my 2005 Ford Focus ST-2 I am now getting a significant improvement with MPG, performance and drivability.

Angela – I have to say (unless I was brainwashed!) the car is definitely quieter, it seems a lot smoother. My car is a lot smoother than before! And it also helped stop heavy smoke from the exhaust.

I am so suprised how well this engine treatment works. I had a demo done on my 2007 Fiesta petrol and after not believing in how well it worked, I drove my car home after work to find i surprisingly quiter and so much smoother drive. I couldsay it was like driving a new car! I would recomend having this treatment doneas I’ve noticed a surprisingly big difference and thats with servicing my car every 6K or so!

John Tullett – I Had this treatment done and noticed the difference straight away car was like a different car so much smoother. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and the guys are very helpful too.

Karen Walsh – Since having the treatment carried out on my car, I have noticed the engine is alot quieter. I have a 2006 1.4 diesel Fiesta and they can be a bit noisy at idle. It is much nippier now and feels a lot smoother. Would definitely recommend having it done, especially if you have an ‘older\” car. I can say I have noticed a difference in the fuel consumption as well.

Martin Dye – I had my own car done at mercury cars and was very impressed with the results the machine delivered on my car.

Adrain – Was it worth it? I did feel a difference, slightly quicker pick up, smoother engine running. Glad I had It done.

Robert Shaw – EDT and Dukes Park Automotive Ltd Chelmsford. I was introduced to this at a Jaguar Enthusiasts meeting. My first of what I hope will be many. Was concerned about the treatment but wanted my Ford Ranger to last another 50, 000 miles. I WOULD RECOMMEND this treatment and Dukes Park Automotive Ltd. The car changes gear faster, more responsive and on a long run in to gear turns over at least 400rpm slower for the same speed. And after running the engine the oil is clear. So the engine in clean inside. In my opinion its a win win, worth while considering, I did.

Ford Fiesta – I’m afraid to say that it hasn’t changed it into a Ferrari. It’s still a Ford Fiesta Diesel, but smoother and quieter than I ever remember it being. The car has been in the family from new – Grandad’s surprise choice! The EDT treatment really has made a difference to the car and although it’s still early days, I feel like it is money well spent.

Michael Reilly – After having my S-Type serviced and the engine decontamination treatment, I have found the engine response to be quicker and the power delivery much smoother also at idle and at speed the engine is quieter.
Martin Palmer – She is Quieter, smoother and more responsive, I will recommend to othersJaguar, Customer, Yorkshire – (Jaguar S-Type)
“My vehicle feels like new, it is quieter, smoother and more responsive. There is a road I use daily and today I nearly overshot the junction. I was considering trading it in and getting a new one, but now I will be keeping it.”Fast and efficient service, the car is a Jaguar 4.2 V8 with supercharger. It was doing 21.6mpg on the run there and did 23.9mpg on the way back 50 minutes journey on mixed roads. So very pleased and the pick up seemed smoother and more responsive. Cant say its any faster as the car has 400 bhp in the first place but definitely smoother and more economical.
Russell Jaguar Enthusiast Club Essex
Sean Durk – I had my S-TYPE Jaguar done at Brixey auto repiars as the demo vehicle, and I have to say I am extremely impressed with the results this has turned and already smooth and quiet car (a petrol 4.2 V8) into an even better drive eliminating an unexplained rattle and a smoother gear change as well as an increase in fuel economy I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Russell Jaguar Enthusiast Club Essex
Fast and efficient service, the car is a Jaguar  4.2 V8 with supercharger. It was doing 21.6mpg on the run there and did 23.9mpg on the way back 50 minutes journey on mixed roads. So very pleased and the pick up seemed smoother and more responsive.
Cant say its any faster as the car has 400 bhp in the first place but definitely smoother and more economical.

Jaguar, Technician @ Marshalls Peterborough
“That is weird! I cannot believe that treating an engine through the oil system would make such a difference to a vehicle. There was a noise from the engine on the initial test drive, after the treatment the noise has gone, the idle is smoother and the power is there quicker.”

Jaguar, Parts driver @ H A Fox Nottingham
“After the treatment the engine is quieter, the idle seems smoother and it is more responsive.”

John Backhouse – I am delighted to advise that I am appearing to achieve around 28.5 to 29 MPG from hitherto average 25MPG since you carried out this process during my annual service back in April this year. The car which I have had from new back in 1997 has never recorded this economy and although I have travelled 1500 miles since the service, on mainly long runs, I am very pleased if not astonished. Maybe you need to check the inboard computer!!!
Kevin Watling – Since the engine clean service the emissions are less, the engine is quieter and the performance has improved, resulting in better fuel economy.
Jim Cook – I have now done enough mileage to have some objective views on the effects of the Engine Decontamination Treatment, carried out on my car. I have listed them as follows – starts better, idles smoother, runs quieter, revs more freely, accelerates better. All in all, it was money well spent, and would seem logical to do it at regular intervals.
“I have always thought that my S-TYPE performed very well but my X type always felt thatlittle bit sharper. Although they are both 3.0 litre petrol. I appriciate that the X type is slightly smaller and therefore lighter. But, back to todays drive home, it’s mabout 17 miles of which approximatley half are good widing country roads – wow- did I enjoy that drive! The car really felt that it wanted to go, and it did, It definitley felt sharper and more responsive that before.

Debbie Welch – I have to say, “WOW” the difference in my little old K reg MX5 is amazing since Antony carried out an EDT treatment on her at Dukes Park, she’s quieter, smoother so responsive. I’ve given it a few weeks to see if it was a 5 minute wonder but no, after 700 or so miles the oil is still golden!!! The old lady has more power now then I’ve ever known her to, Antony has said I should be saving some fuel but to be honest I think I might have thrown them out of the window because she drives like a dream and I’m ragging her a bit now!!! Thanks again to Antony & EDT Automotive.

Antony Servis — So good I’ve invested in the Equpiment for my own company. Have done both my 105000 m Astra diesel van and my fathers 80000 B180d Merc wonders. More power, more MPG and both drive so much better. Cheers EDT.

Customer in the North West
“Following the oil flushing procedure I have noticed the following:-
1. Smoother and quieter performance – this became immediately apparent the first time I drove the vehicle following its return.
2. A slight improvement in acceleration.
3. A small improvement in mileage performance – since the return I have travelled 1,000 miles and have seen an improvement of average MPG from 46.8mpg (based on 8,000 miles) to 47.6. I will continue to monitor this over a more meaningful period.”

Sue “WOW, what a difference. Having owned my B180 diesel Mercedes for 9 years and 90,000 miles it was getting a little sluggish and not as good on MPG as it used to be. Antony recommended the engine decontamination treatment with an oil & filter change. Well the engine is now quieter, more responsive, even changing through the gears better and has now gone from an average 43mpg up to 53mpg.

Jonothan Wood – MINI – Obviously the servicing at Gold Standard makes a difference every year but even taking that into account I can confirm, after 100 miles since last night, that the huge difference is just how smooth and quiet the engine is. It really does feel like a decade has been taken of a 14 year old Mini! The whole experience is much smoother and has a real value to me personally as it is just a much nicer drive. Definitely more responsive, which will largely be down to the service I’m sure, but I suspect the treatment has had an impact also. Reducing emissions is clearly a good thing also. Engine feels like new to be honest so as part of a service package I’m delighted. Thanks for all your hard work – I know an annual service after 20,000+ miles every year combined with MOT is always time consuming – and it is always great knowing I’m in safe hands.

James Rowbotham – “Car is still driving lovley with improved throttle responce and a 2 MPG increase in fuel consumption. Even the Mrs noticed a difference”.

Chris Powers – “I am fortunate to wn a variety of cars including some cherished classics, I came across EDT at a show and was impressed with the concept. I initially took a V8 Discovery that has done some miles to see for myself. The results were impressive, instantly quieter and I would say more responsive to the throttle. I am considering the logistics of having some my other cars “flused”, if you care about your car then I would recommend the treament.”

Ben Ogden – Yesterday you carried out the demonstration treatment on my 2004 MG ZS Diesel, as you may remember my car has covered over 140,000 miles and I was very sceptical about your product being able to reduce my emissions and improve the way the car dirves. I have to say that I am amazed with the difference in the performance it has made to the car, it seems to rev more freely and today it started up on the first crank, where it has always started on the third crank brfore! The emissions went down from 1.06 to 0.7. Thank you for proving me wrong
I kid you not, the MG was like a different car to drive! Normally it idles around 1100 – 1200 RPM all shaky and rattling and is a hard drive through the gears to cruising speed. NOW it sits happily at 700-800RPM, idles like a kitten and is as smooth as a babies bum to a comfortable 65/70 mph! Not bad for a 37 year old car.
MGB 1976, Jamie White General Manager – Cambridge PeugeotDear Sirs,
I am not sure whether its you I should be thanking but as a business owner who values feedback on my staff and services I thought I would share my EDT experience with you.
I own several cars and recently became aware of the EDT system. The nearest dealership to where we live is Mid Kent Vehicles and about a month ago I took an old Landrover Discovery along to them. It is the V8 petrol version, it has done some miles and hard work in its life and as I use it to tow a car trailer I thought it represented a good test. The result was both immediate and significant. The engine was noticeably quieter and it was more responsive on the throttle. I can’t comment on consumption because with that car, no two weeks are the same.
It is fair to say that I was a little sceptical about the results but as a man who loves his cars I am a candidate for anything which will preserve and improve the engine and performance. To broaden my test sample I booked in a little MG Midget that I bought from Loxleys Orpington in 1979. I went there to buy a part for my mother’s Mini Clubman and there it stood in the showroom crying out to me, my first ever new car. When she was out of warranty the engine came out, the connecting rods were lightened and balanced, likewise the flywheel, the head ported, crankshaft nitrided etc. etc. in the early 1980’s her rear view in front of them surprised more than one Golf GTI owner.
She has sat somewhat dejected in a corner of my garage since 2006 until July this year when I put her back on the road. Ironically I had a larger oil sump manufactured incorporating baffles purely to improve the cooling and engine protection. She is still in need of some cosmetic work but in the meantime I thought I would treat her to the “EDT touch” and yesterday afternoon I was back at Mid Kent Vehicles this time with a sense of anticipation and excitement. You are probably tiring of such stories but the outcome was similarly impressive. This time I can’t comment on engine noise as it is hard to hear the engine above the exhaust note. In this car I have no interest in the MPG but I have every interest in performance and smoothness. The engine is smoother, I cannot say categorically that it is quicker but I think if proof were needed its just coming up. Because the car has been modified it is rather lumpy on tick-over so to make her more driveable the tick-over is set at just under 1,000RPM as I drove the 40 or so miles home across country I noticed that waiting in traffic or at road junctions the tick-over had risen to 1100RPM so by 10%. It seems to me that the improved oil circulation and reduced drag has caused this as there can be no other explanation for it.
I am now contemplating taking two more cars along, they may both present their respective challenges which is another reason for my writing. Old British cars are built in many ways, goodbye metric hello imperial in several guises. The EDT / MKV engineers had all corners covered from a specially customised adaptor for the tapered sump plug to a customised adaptor for the oil filter connection and it is precisely because of their professional approach that I am contemplating a third and fourth visit. The cars concerned are a 1929 MG M Type ( actually number two off the production line ) The challenge here is that she has no oil filter and the other is a 1972 V8 5.3 Aston Martin, she has an oil filter but the oil capacity is generous so I am not sure whether there is enough fluid in the EDT machine to get all around both banks of cylinders. Perhaps one of your chaps could email me their thoughts that way I will also know that this message has been read.
With much thanks from one very happy convert,
Chris Burgess, Woodchurch, Kent
Steve Grieves — 5 starHuge thank you to Simon, a brilliant service, car runs much quieter, and she pulls far more fluidly than before. The drive back to the north east will cost me less in petrol! I will be using this service again…and I look forward to seeing these machines all over the country.
I cannot believe the amount of dirt it has removed. The engine now runs noticeably quieter and smoother. The pick-up during acceleration is more responsive and ‘fluid’. The real test was driving back to my home in the north east the following day. For that journey I did not have to stop to refuel (which normally I do!).
The treatment has definitely improved my fuel economy, and the financial saving has become immediately obvious. Simon was very thorough, let me view the treatment being carried out, and explained the process step by step. I will definitely be using this service again, and I hope in the future to see these treatments nationwide.
I look forward to using your service again, the car is still purring like a kitten!!

Nissan Micra 29K, Mr Lemmon – Customer – East England “since having the EDT I have had
to check if his engine is even running at traffic lights! As it is as quiet as it was when he got it brand new!

Nissan Note 1.4 Petrol 43K, Mr Preston – Customer – Norwich “I am now getting 60mpg from
just local driving which I wasn’t achieving before. It sounds a little better.

Nissan Micra 1999 72K, Mr Cross – Customer – Norwich “It feels better now than when I
left dealership.

Michelle sagar Juke TDI ” It feels smoother, I could really tell the difference. Well worth doing!Just to let you know my findings on the EDT treatment. As you know I was sceptical on the treatment of my car as it gets an oil change every 6k. Results – It is definitely quiter definitely smoother when cruising at 60mph. I am positve my MPG has improved. What i cannot work out is the fact that for months, when starting the engine would give a little cough and splutter. but since the treatment it has not done that. So yes i would recommend the EDT treatment. thanks again, Alan, A sceptical Technician
Paul Wright “The system of decontamination that you performed on my 1.6 HDI 233,000 mile 308 has made a considerable difference tp performance, fuel consumption and generalsmooth running of the car. I would say a massive improvment particularly at this mileage level. I would be happy to recommend this to other potential users”.
Jo Smith – “With regard to the EDT treatment carried out on my car on the 25th July 2014, as requested here are the figures regarding diesel consumption. 19.7.14: 416.74 Miles = 42.12 litres (9.265 Gallons) = 9.89 miles per Ltr (44.98 MPG) 16.8.14: 345.9 Miles = 30 litres (6.599 Gallons) = 11.53 miles per litre (52.42 mpg)!! increase in mileage = 1.6359 miles per litre = 7.44 miles per gallon + 16.54%. The car appears to run more smoothly, especially on the motorway.
Julie Franklin – I went to Essex Auto Group Lakeside and had the EDT Treament carried out on my Peugeot 207 Convertible, I would recommend it to anyone, my engine is now running smoother, I had a better fuel economy and my emissions are lower, thank you Essex Auto Group Lakeside (Keeley Daines Manager/Sean Welsh EDT) You are what it says on the tin!
Andrew Martindill – Service Advisor Renault Scenic 2.0 87K
“I’ve had an instant increase in MPG by 7 MPG, maybe more as I’ve still to do a long run, the car is more responsive and a flat spot I had at 4000rpm has now gone. The engine is more quieter and seems to run free-er !!. I would defiantly recommend an EDT Treatment.”

Mark Butterworth – Clio – Just a quick email to say how impressed I am with the EDT treatments, being scepitical about any wounder treatments, I had my everday diesel treated with 114 on the clock, and got instant smoother running, improved response and MPG went from 60.1 to 63.4 MPG and has stayed there! Impressed by this I’ve just had my 2003 E46 BMW M3 treated, which is on 111K, and afyerseeing the amount of deposits that were removed I saw an instant improvment from 17 to 21 MPG on the journey to and from work. Really impressed, highly recommended and I will spread the good word. Thanks EDT.
“I had my Saab done today and Hodson Ford were very efficient . Turn round less than an hour .
I have only driven the car for approx. 40mls but I have noticed a significant improvement in power and also smoother and a more even engine tone . Off for a few days and will log the miles to see how it affects the fuel consumption . I am very pleasedwith the outcome”

Lee Miles – Via Text ” Bloody Hell… Excellent. Pickup increased.
Skoda Octavia VRS 2007, 56K – John Wright – Master Tech – Cambridge
“It’s good, it used to be a bit lumpy at idle but that’s cleared for now. It’s got its raspness back as well.

Skoda Fabia 2007, 77K – Adam Howard – Master Tech – Cambridge
“It’s good, it’s really good! It’s just instantly so much smoother. Even the vibration that used to happen when idle at traffic lights has been cleared. Takes the car back to when it was 12 months old.

Skoda Octavia VRS 93K – Peter Drury – Customer Kent “Ok anyone that knows me will know how OCD about my car I am. Always garaged never goes out in the rain and kept in what I would say is better than new condition. Getting anything it needs before it needs it and only using genuine or better than genuine parts. I had a discussion with Dave and Simon of EDT Automotive Ltd at a local American and Kit car show. Now I’m very untrustworthy of anyone that says they could improve my already meticulously maintained vehicle. But I liked what I heard and my pride and joy was booked in for treatment. I arrived earlier than scheduled and was greeted by Simon who carried out the Engine decontamination process. He talked me through step by step and allowed me to watch his every move. Once completed and new oil and filter replaced we together went for a test drive. I can say the engine seemed quieter and more responsive but maybe that’s down being told it would be. The real test would be an economy drive on the way home to see if the MPG had increased. I’ve only ever been able to achieve a maximum all time best of 46.4 previously. This has now increased by 10 percent to 51.1. Needless to say the wife’s car is booked in next week. Thanks Simon and Dave for showing me I’m not always right !
Geoffrey Allen – My 2002 Toyota corolla verso with 112400 miles on the clock went in for its annual service and MOT. It was suggested that an EDT engine clean treatment would be beneficial, trusting Claytons staff I agreed to the treatment and I am pleased to say that the results are excellent, smoother running improved fuel consumption and acceleration, this from a vehicle that was running well before the treatment. I would recommend EDT to anyone. The day after the treatment I received my new copy of Car Mechanics to find they reviewed the EDT treatment and confirmed my findings. Excellent product that “does what it says on the tin”.

Stuart Saunders – 5 star Well 43 years of nasties removed and the old girl is purring like a kitten. Much better response when accelerating and pulls like a train.

Philip Wilson – “Smoother, more responsive”

Stuart Saunders – After having the GT6 decontaiminated it was time to get the Herald done now it’s back on the road. Once again the improvement in performance is brilliant. Many thanks to Steve from EDT, for his excellent engineering skills and the staff of Mid Kent Vehicle Services at Aylesford.

Antony Servis – So good I’ve invested in the Equpiment for my own company. Have done both my 105000 m Astra diesel van and my fathers 80000 B180d Merc wonders. More power, more MPG and both drive so much better. Cheers EDT.

Carol Soanes – Service Advisor – Canterbury – After having the EDT carried out on my vehicle yesterday, I noticed straight away that I could feel the difference in the running, accelerating etc. I witnessed the treatment being carried out and was very interested on how it works. I BELIEVE THAT ALL CUSTOMERS SHOULD HAVE THIS TREATMENT CARRIED OUT ON THEIR VEHICLES!

Mrs Marsh – Having booked in our work van for its annual oil and filter change, we took advantage of the engine decontamination treatment on offer. well it certainly worked its magic, the engine is now quiet, more responsive, smoother and increased fuel economy. For 105000 miles its like a new van.\nMoney well spent, and with friendly honest advice.

Richard Cowell – Took my car to EDT today, Zafira VXR what a different in performance especially power difference through gears. I would recommend it, different car to drive.

Chris Ritchie – What an amazing machine, brilliant set up and enjoyed today. Excellent results on a 230,000 mile Zafira. Thanks guys!

Damion Bushnell – Worked well rough idle no longer present better acceleration.

Philip Larkin – Hastings – I’ve just got to say what a brilliant product the Engine Decontamination Treatment is. I have noticed an improvement in throttle response, fuel economy and the tick over is now smother and quieter. I would not hesitate to recommend it to every one I know as I feel it is one of the new procedures you can have carried out on your car where you actually notice the difference when you take it away. A MUST DO FOR ANY CAR OWNER!!!!

Shane, Technician @ Tonbridge Audi – 140k 1.8 Turbo – Start up seems easier and it seems to idle and rev more freely

VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI 73K, Suki Childerley – Service Advisor Cambridge VW – After I had the decontamination carried out I found the car was smoother pulling away. I never really monitor my MPG, but my onboard computer says the average previously was 43 MPG. On my drive home the MPG was averaging around 48-49 MPG. After I had the decontamination carried out I filled my fuel tank up which I noticed lasted a lot longer than previously. Before, when my car got to \u00bc tank of fuel it reduced quickly to the red light, however after the decontamination, once on \u00bc tank it lasted 2-3 days longer.

Mr N Grady VW Passat 2.0 TDI 42K – After collecting my car last night I reset the trip computer from 45.6 MPG, when I got home it showed 56.5 MPG!!!! It now feels smoother and far more responsive. I HAVE TO ADMIT THE EDT MAKES A GREAT DIFFERENCE – MR SCEPTICAL CONVERTED

Claire Marshalls – VW Golf 2006, 71K – Service Advisor – I had the EDT treatment on my 56 plate Golf which has done 71k. I was sceptical as to what the outcome would be, BUT, after having it done the fuel economy shot up from 53mpg to 60.1mpg on the first trip. This is the highest it’s ever been! Over the week or so it has evened out a bit but still the results are there, the car feels more responsive and smoother as a whole. HONESTLY I AM AMAZED IT WORKS!!!

Mike Perry – VW Golf MK5 GTI, 85K 2013 Ashford – Kent – I have just topped up my car this morning and yet another increase! I used to get 270-290 miles per tank and fuel light would come on, this time I have done 336 miles!!!!! ONE VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER, 100% RECOMMENDED

Mark Forrest – VW Golf VR6 2006, 149K – It now has a lot more top end rev range, as soon as you hit 3500-4000RPM it pulls! Makes a lot of difference, it used to be sluggish at top and take it in stages, now it pulls straight through. The engine has been freed up. I’m very surprised, it’s very good, I’d be happy to recommend to friends, family and everyone.WHAT EVER YOU’VE DONE, YOU’VE DONE IT THE WORLD OF GOOD

VW Polo, 36K – I have to say (unless I was brainwashed) that the car is definitely quieter, it seems a lot smoother, not sure what the machine actually does but my car is better after the treatment than it was before!! ALSO IT HAS STOPPED THE HEAVY SMOKE FROM THE EXHAUST

Julie Pascoe – GTI Turbo TFSI – Had my decontamination carried out by EDT on Wednesday 19th August for my 10 year old Golf GTI. I am getting more MPG and the car has a little more grunt/pull in the higher gears. Sceptical at first but would definitely recommend.

Mrs N Morgan – VW Polo GTI – Had an EDT treatment done last week and I have really noticed a huge difference, my car which is a Polo GTI feels less lumpy and a lot smoother when driving, I’m very happy with the results, and I would like to say thank you to Adam Woodcraft as he was very professional and explained exactly what he was doing.

Mr R Murphy – VW Passat 264k – Iv’e just had my 264k Passat EDT cleaned at Edgerton garage in Manchester, i must say i was very sceptical but now it’s been done it pulls a lot better, it’s a lot smoother and quieter! Up to now i’m one very happy customer!

VW Touran – Our 2 year old 2 litre Touran diesel has always been quiet and smooth (particularly when the blue motion switches the engine off!), but we’ve noticed a difference in not only its smooth driving but also fuel consumption. Last weekend we drove from home (near Bath) to North Yorkshire and given the miles of road works, the slow congested stretches around Birmingham, Stoke and Manchester we still averaged 55 miles per gallon.

Leah Holmes – Just driven home after having an EDT Treatment and can already feel the difference! Never felt a gear change so smooth! I also feel like my car is now healthy, whereas before it was struggling. Would definitely recommend and EDT Treatment for any car, it gives you real peace of mind.

Jez Markham – Was very impressived with the results, a noticeable improvement in pickup in all gears, smoother power, delivery and a now rock steady idle whereas before was a little shakey. Too soon to tell any improvement in MPG but it would be the icing on the cake. Excellent service as well, couldn’t fault it.

Chris Gurney – Instantly better performance, my 3.2 petrol has its performance back and it was great to see the carbon captured in the filter.

Damion Bushnell – Worked well rough idle no longer present better acceleration.

Gary Rozier – I would like to confirm how impressed I was after having the engine cleaned on one of our trucks. The engine seemed quieter and more smooth than before and also seem more responsive on the throttle. If the claims that its saves fuel and owers emissions are also to be believed I must say I’m very impressed. I am looking to get all our truck’s engines cleaned out moving forward on a yearly basis.

M Dearden – I would like to congratulate your company for the recent oil system cleaning procedure on my Scania R420. I road tested it personally for over a week in all working conditions and can gladly report that in my opinion it performs better than before the clean. It certainly seems to pull better and without doubt needs fewer downshifts when hauling uphill. This obviously will lead to improved fuel economy over time. Thank you for introducing me to the system. I shall use it again without hesitation.

B Connolly – We at Primagrange Ltd were a bit sceptical about the abilities of this machine when it was put to us regarding an engine clean with such benefits, but after we had the first clean we decided to run the vehicle for a three month period to check on the statement of the better MPG consumption and also the lower of CO2 that the truck would put out after the clean. After the three month period we looked at the data on our vehicle trackers and with delight we would like to confirm the engine clean did in fact bring down the daily fuel consumption and the CO2 readings that the truck was omitting. We are happy to endorse a product that lowers the company fuel consumption and also reduces the company’s carbon footprint.