Why not offer the Engine Deep Clean through your Workshop?

NO Capital outlay

Pay-per-use system

Bespoke aftersales sales training

1000 treatments are being sold in the UK every month

You set your own margin

99.6% customer satisfaction results

The EDT engine treatment would not only be an asset to your business financially but will boost repeat business and referrals through its results.

The process is designed to be carried out with the engine off and with limited disruption of a routine oil change. Once our oil cleaner machine is connected it takes less than 15 minutes to complete the treatment in situ, using a bespoke environmentally friendly bio fuel food grade white oil. Unlike anything currently available, you and your customer can see what comes out of the engine and caught in our 1 micron filter during the treatment process.

As part of our installation process we will carry out unique proven sales training, tailored for Aftersales. This is a structured sales approach, introducing world wide sales techniques, this in turn increases your staffs confidence to professionally promote additional Aftersales opportunities thus “Generating Incremental Aftersales profit”

To enhance this process further we provide mentored technical training on all aspects of our products. This will normally take place over a minimum of a two day installation, along with ongoing dedicated support. As the Directors of EDT have nearly 100 years of main dealer experience combined, we have created a profit share model which allows all of the above to happen. This is all offered with no capital outlay from yourselves or being tied into any major contract. You have nothing to lose other than the opportunity to make un-budgeted incremental profit.


Our machine carries out a unique engineering process which removes all the sludge, varnish and debris that builds up in the engine. Improving the engine’s coefficient of friction allows the new oil to perform to its maximum capabilities. This then has a positive impact on fuel economy, CO emissions, engine performance and drivability.

Our engine cleaner device is fully automated and once connected takes less than fifteen minutes to complete a full clean of your vehicle’s engine. It operates using a bespoke mineral oil.

We currently have experienced average emission reductions on cars tested of 69% on CO and 58% on diesel smoke, as of September 2015. Together with many testimonials on the enhanced performance and drivability after an Engine Decontamination Treatment (EDT) has been carried out.

The engine cleaner machine that eliminates all signs of contamination.


Request a demo – Please fill in your details below, to experience first hand how we can assist you and your business to either generate incremental un-budgeted profit or reduce the maintenance and fuel costs of your vehicle fleet.

All demonstrations are no obligation at your location and will allow you to fully appreciate our unique Engine Cleaning Machine at work.