Based in Kent, EDT the Engine Detox Specialists have generated an extra £2.5m in additional turnover for their partnered garages since launching in 2013. Now, Garage Wire’s Mike Ruff visited EDT Managing Director, David Holmes, at one of their partner garages to find out why EDT’s machine is proving so popular.

Treating 25,000 cars since 2013, EDT’s demand has been growing significantly with David Holmes saying in the feature that “The treatment makes a real difference to fuel economy and drivers are spreading the word via social media. We are doing roughly 1,000 cars a month and getting new interest everyday. We’re not just putting clean oil into a dirty engine, we’re actually helping people to maintain and keep their engine in the best possible condition.”

Mike Ruff also explains that after getting the treatment on his 1.9 Vauxhall Signum, the results were clear just from pulling away, stating “An initial dipstick check showed extremely clear oil – although this wasn’t as much of a surprise to me, having heard all good things about EDT. What’s more surprising is the immediate difference in engine noise. It’s much quieter and drives incredibly smoothly, most notably at lower speeds.”

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