EDT Automotive, the multi award-winning engine decarbonising specialists, have successfully completed its relocation to a new purpose-built site in picturesque countryside of Kent.

EDT’s new premises features a fully equipped office and a separate workshop and storage area, with a total of 1,500 square foot.

David Holmes, EDT’s Managing Director, stated: “Demand for proven Engine Decontamination Treatment and Auto Transmission Cleaning means business is booming for us – so much so that we needed to relocate to a bigger site. We are pleased to have settled into the new offices and workshop so quickly and are now fully operational from our new base.”

The premises has a dedicated workshop and storage facility that is already being utilised to service more EDT machines on site, helping the business to meet their ever-growing demand as the garage network continues to grow across the country.

The renowned EDT Engine Cleaner is fully automated device that performs a unique engineering process that is proved to boost fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase engine performance on all types of vehicles.

Also available is the newly launched Auto Transmission Machine, which builds on the same award-winning principles as the EDT Engine Cleaner to successfully remove the accumulated contaminants that build up in Automatic vehicles over time. The machine also conditions the Automatic Transmission to enhance torque delivery and shift changes in the vehicle.

EDT Automotive is celebrating five years of trading this September, so the move has come at a great time.