A thorough engine decontamination treatment (EDT), or full engine clean is like removing cholesterol from the heart or engine of your car. That ‘cholesterol’ is the residue and deposits from oil and fuel that has accumulated over the years. An EDT involves pumping a bespoke Mineral oil designed for cleaning into your car’s engine, then heating and pressurising it as it courses through the engine. This process breaks down stubborn deposits, cleaning them out after the cleansing oil is vacuumed out it is filtered through a 1 micron filter 25 times finer than the vehicles own filter. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Given this seemingly simple process, what are the benefits of EDT? Here’s a list:


  1. Your Car is Less Pollutive

The most visible benefit you enjoy after giving your car a full engine clean is that your exhaust fumes are greatly reduced. A test of our EDT made by an independent reviewer discovered that after the treatment of their test vehicle – a 2007 Mercedes-Benz A180 diesel with 95,000 miles on it – showed a 59% reduction in CO2 emissions, and an 81% percent reduction in emission of hydrocarbons. According to this study by the WHO, reduced emissions aren’t only beneficial to the environment, but also good for your health.


  1. Your Car is More Fuel-Efficient

After giving your motor a good car carbon cleaning, another benefit is that you experience better fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency of course varies with the make, model, age, condition of your engine and road conditions. You can have a clearer picture if you use this formula to compute for the mileage of your car, but be sure to make computations before and after the EDT to determine the improvement in your car’s fuel efficiency.

The best part about this is that the EDT eventually pays for itself as your car consumes less fuel and gives you more mileage per gallon, thus giving back your money at the pump.


  1. Your Car Becomes Quieter

There are benefits you can see, and there’s at least one benefit you can hear from your car after you’ve given it an EDT. When you compare the sound your engine makes before and after treatment, you’ll notice the engine sounds like it was in a car that just came off the production line, or one that had just been purchased from the dealership.


  1. Your Car’s Engine Lasts Longer

This independent review of our EDT mentioned that the process filters car engines of particles that are as miniscule as 1 micron. This means that all pollutants and deposits that are too small or too difficult to remove via conventional means, such as a manual take-down and engine cleaning, are gone after treatment. Removing these tiny particles drastically cuts down on engine friction and extends the engine’s lifespan.


  1. The Engine Performs Better

Less friction in the engine translates to a more efficient engine and other performance benefits. People who have subjected their cars to EDT report better engine response, improved gear shifting, more torque and improved idling – even for cars that have over 100,000 miles on them.


Engine Decontamination Treatment or EDT can quickly, thoroughly cleanse your engine. The process is guaranteed to restore your engine’s performance to like-new, all while giving you fuel savings. It only takes 15 minutes or less and you can see for yourself how much gunk is removed from your car’s engine.

Contact us now to have your car reap all the benefits of EDT.