As the multi award-winning engine cleaning machine specialists, EDT Automotive would like to dispel some common misconceptions that could be deterring many garages from embracing the growing profit opportunity that EDT offer.

As of now, EDT’s ever expanding network of garages has restored the performance of over 42,000 vehicles, but Managing Director David Holmes believes the company has only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential UK market.

David says, “We’ve definitely seen some clear patterns in the questions garage owners have about the EDT machine. Once we get past these, customers quickly discover the amazing benefits the EDT machine brings.”

EDT Automotive’s Top 10 Myths:

10. “My customers aren’t interested in engine cleaning”

Customers may not be interested in cleaning their engines for the sake of it, however once they understand the benefits of removing the carbon deposits that can build up in vehicle engines, they may be more inclined to pursue an engine clean.

“Carbon deposits impact engine efficiency, so cleaning brings increased fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions – as well as quieter engines and improved performance. These are benefits every appreciates” comments David.

9. “Engine cleaning introduces harsh chemicals into the engine”

In fact, the EDT Engine Cleaning machine pumps an environmentally friendly mineral oil into the engine that removes sludge and carbon deposits.

8. “It’s risky to buy something we haven’t tried”

David commented on this, saying “We want to ensure that the garage owner sees first-hand what the machine achieves.” As such, EDT offers every garage owner a demonstration of the EDT machine on their own vehicle before they commit to leasing the machine.

7. “It’s time-consuming to set up and use”

Feedback from garages is monitored carefully by EDT Automotive, and set-up of the machine typically takes 20 minutes and after that the machine does the rest.

“Many garages of course sell the engine clean with a vehicle service, so mechanics can continue on with other work on the vehicle whilst the machine’s working.”

6. “It’s complicated to operate”

The EDT Engine Cleaning machine is a simple piece of equipment to use. The basic method never changes, as the flow and return hoses are connected to the sump plug and oil filter housing, achieving a pressurised treatment that ensures sediment and debris are collected in the filter. All the mechanic will need to do is change the one use filter, a simple task.

5. “Drivers won’t notice the difference”

Thanks to our 9.7 rating on TRUSTPILOT and 97% 5 star reviews, we know that this is not the case. Customers tend to comment saying they notice great results in their vehicles immediately, as soon as the car’s driven it’s usually quieter, smoother and more powerful. Even better, customers report not needing to fill up their petrol tanks less often.

4. “It’s an expensive addition to the workshop”

EDT offers a special ‘vending-machine’ concept to avoid an expensive up-front purchase, so garage owners can pay-as-they-go the cost of the machine, meaning they can pay from the profit they make whilst using it.

David says. “We aim to get them in profit from the 2nd month.”

3. “We won’t be able to sell this service”

To help customers get the best results and ensure they can successfully promote their EDT service to customers, EDT provides proven marketing literature to garage owners, as well as access to EDT’s partner’s ‘best results generator’ format. When needed, EDT provides re-training to all garages.

In general, drivers understand and like the simple concept.

2. “It only works well on some cars”

EDT Automotive’s standard engine cleaning machines works on all vehicle types and the Auto Transmission machine works on automatic vehicles too.

What’s more, EDT also partners with several garages that specialise in vintage cars, and they have also received amazing results so far.

1. “If it goes wrong, we’ll be paying fortunes to fix it”

EDT provides full support to garages once they sign up, including equipment repairs in the unlikely event that the machine breaks down. All garages will need to do is contact the EDT team by phone. Rest assured the machine is fully maintained by EDT.