Testimonials: Car Owners’ EDT Experience

What they say



Totally amazed at the result

Totally amazed at the result of the Engine Deep Clean carried out at New Inn Motors in Cardiff. I have owned an ex -fleet Vauxhall Vivaro for the last seven years and it has always struggled in 6th gear- so I never really used it. After the service was carried out, I can now cruise comfortably at seventy miles an hour and the van will even accelerate.

from lower speeds to get there – even uphill which was impossible before. It also runs much smoother around town. Excellent Result.


I am incredibly impressed

As a motoring journalist I have to confess to being a natural cynic when it comes to new products and services. However, having had the EDT Automotive treatment carried out on my Audi A6 diesel I am incredibly impressed. The engine is more responsive, throttle inputs are less and mid-range punch has increased dramatically.

Oh, and amazingly my oil is still as golden as the day EDT weaved their magic on my car.

Steve Hole
Automotive Editor
Audi A6 2.7 TDI

Well worth the expense

The real benefit I noticed is that pick up and acceleration are far quicker and smoother since the decontamination, the oil is still clean a month after the service so just goes to show how deposits can build up as before the service the oil was like treacle….

Nigel Simkins
Audi A4 3.0D

Absolutely fantastic

Had a very kind invite from Monkleigh Garage to have my oil changed using the EDT system which cleans your engine block using a flushing agent before using compressed air to ensure no residue left in the engine prior to having the new filter and oil added today.Not going to lie, was very sceptical prior to having these works carried out.

I can honestly say the result has to be one of the best surprises I have ever had in my life. It truly has put the fun back with regard driving my car. I carried out a test for average MPG on route to the garage, carried out the same test and route back from the garage, got 25.2 on the way in and 31.6 on the way out. Smooth, quiet, more responsive engine, truly flabbergasted.

I own and drive a Chrysler 300c 3.0 Diesel which until today had never made more than 26 MPG. A big thank you to Geoff and Curtis at Monkleigh Garage and the team from EDT. I highly recommend this engine treatment for anyone driving any vehicle who wishes to preserve their car and the environment with one simple garage visit.

Absolutely fantastic.

Chrysler 300c 3.0 Diesel
Monkleigh Garage

You WILL notice a vast improvement.

So I’ve now had both the engine and gearbox treatments preformed on my e350 cdi sport, another difference in the smoothness of the car is noticeable the engine pulls cleanly, and the gearbox out performs what I deemed possible from an older auto box changing quickly smoothly and with a satisfying almost unnoticed precision.

I would highly recommend both the services to anyone no matter the miles and condition of the engine you WILL notice a vast improvement.

Matt Hillman