Drive better and longer with a fully-clean transmission. EDT is here to provide you with a superior automatic transmission flush service using a proprietary cleaning machine.

Our machines are engineered to deliver auto gearbox flush or transmission oil treatment that removes accumulated contaminants in any car in the UK. The process also conditions the transmission to prolong its life and enhance the vehicle’s drivability and overall performance.

Both car and workshop owners can enjoy the cleaning power of our machines. We supply machines to workshops and garages. With our unique “pay-per-use” system, which requires no capital outlay. You can set your profit margin for the transmission cleaning service as well.

If you’re a car owner, book a service in any of our EDT treatment centres across the UK. The service is fast and easy and when you drive away, you’ll feel the difference.


Fuel Economy

Improving fuel economy

Responsive Power

Delivering more responsive power

Better Performance

Improving transmission performance and driveability

Extend Auto Box Life

Remove contaminants and conditions the transmission extending its life

Smoother Gears

Providing a smoother, quieter gear changes.

Quieter Gearbox

Providing smoother and quieter gearshifts

Cleaner transmission Oil

Clean transmission oil is vital to its performance and longevity

Avoid Costly Repairs

By cleaning and conditioning the torque converter and clutch plates and valve body assembly you will minimize expensive repairs or the cost of a replacement transmission

Reduced Flare-Up

Allowing each shift to be smooth and succinct

Reduced Juddering

By cleaning and conditioning the torque converter, clutch plates and valve body assembly.

Check out the prices



£ 299
Cut down the cost of motoring
Improvement in fuel economy
Reduce Flare Up
Reduce Juddering
Smoother Gear Shifts
Improved performance and driveability
A smoother, quieter engine
Transmission longevity


How it works

Built with the same award-winning engineering principles of our engine cleaner, our auto transmission cleaning machine effectively removes contaminants that have built up over time. Your car will have better fuel economy, more responsive power delivery, cleaner oil and smoother shifts.

Our machine’s automatic transmission flush service involves efficient fluid exchanges. It uses bespoke cleaning and conditioning solutions to flush the auto gearbox thoroughly. After that, it replenishes the transmission with new fluid. With cleaner oil, a transmission can bring better performance to any car in the UK.

With such technology, garages and workshops have an opportunity to take advantage of an as-yet untouched market. EDT will provide a full support package to get you started. We will train your staff and even provide POS and ad banners. Boost repeat business with the UK’s leading transmission oil treatment.

We stand behind the quality of our transmission cleaning machine. Our service comes with a money-back guarantee, which applies to both workshops and individual car owners who try our services.

Want to learn more about our powerful transmission cleaning machines? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Leading Transmission Cleaning Service in the UK

Money back



If you don’t experience at least one of the benefits of our transmission Decontamination Treatment, we will refund the cost of the treatment guaranteed!

Drive better, cleaner and longer with a fully-clean car transmission. Book us for an automatic transmission treatment in the UK. For workshop owners, get in touch with us today to start our partnership. We will help you provide better auto gearbox flush services, boosting your shop’s repeat business and referrals.

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