Testimonials: Workshop/Garage Owners’ EDT Experience

What they say



Very very impressed

Met the EDT staff today for a demonstration of their unique engine decontamination treatment, very professional company and their staff come with a huge amount of knowledge and experience as well as a pro-active approach to engine long term protection. I was so impressed I signed on the dotted line and have my own EDT machine ready to service my loyal customers.

Jeremy Paul
The Boss
Cornerstone Autos

My customers have also been impressed

Well what can i say this machine is awesome. The amount of work i have had from it has been great. My customers as well have also been impressed. Best move i have made so far in 15 yrs of business this has got to be the best. David and his team have been great 10/10 for everything. Wish i did this ages ago.

Michael Exintaris
New Inn Motors
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