EDT is the leading provider of car engine carbon cleaning services in the UK. Our machines carry out a unique engineering process that delivers deep, full engine cleaning. After the ultimate engine detox, car owners experience reduced emissions, better fuel economy and improved overall engine performance

Our machines are designed for both auto shops and individual car owners. We supply machines to garages or workshops. With our unique pay as you use system which requires no capital outlay.

If you’re a car owner, you can easily find our machines in various EDT treatment centres across the UK. Drive your car to the nearest centre for professional engine cleaning.


Fuel Economy

Improving fuel economy by up to 26%

Increased Power

Increasing power (6 BHP) on average and Torque (7Ftlb)

Lower Emissions

Lowering CO emissions by an average of 69%

Responsive Power

Delivering more responsive power

Better Performance

Improving engine performance and driveability

Quieter Engine

Providing a smoother, quieter engine

Cleaner Oil

Visibly cleaner oil after use

Extend Engine Life

Extends the life of your engine.

Less Smoke

Lowering smoke emissions by an average 58%

Prevent Engine Wear

Preventing premature engine wear

Sludge Removal

Removing sludge, debris and varnish from your engine

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£ 179
Enhance performance and cut down the cost of motoring
Up to 26% improvement in fuel economy
6bhp average increase in power
7ftlb average increase in torque
69% average reduction in CO emissions
Improved performance and driveability
A smoother, quieter engine
Engine longevity


How it works

We’re proud to have developed a machine that cleans the engine 25 times cleaner than its own filter, removing all the sludge and other bits of debris that have built up over time meaning you enjoy the benefits of clean engine oil. With this deep carbon cleaning treatment, we’ve helped many car owners in the UK enjoy reduced emissions, fuel savings and more.

Our engine cleaner machine is fully automated and uses bespoke mineral oil and filters down to 1 micron to perform a full cycle of cleaning. This engine oil clean improves the engine’s coefficient of friction. New oil then performs to its maximum capabilities, making the car smoother and quieter to drive.
Over the years, we have witnessed customers experiencing significant emission reductions (69 per cent on CO and 61 per cent on diesel smoke) after our superior engine emission system cleaning. Many car owners also report significant fuel savings and more responsive power delivery.
Ready to experience the same benefits? Drive your car to an EDT centre for a deep car engine cleaning today. Your vehicle will feel as good as new.

We prepare the car for the engine cleaning treatment. This involves draining the old engine oil and removing the filter.

The EDT machine pumps a bespoke mineral oil into the engine which is heated and pulsed around the engine oil ways.

This liquid removes the build-up which contains carbon and varnish and other particles via one micron filtration.

A clear container shows you everything being removed.

Once complete a new filter is fitted and new oil added leaving the engine with no contaminated residue.

The UK’s No.1 Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

Money back



If you don’t experience at least one of the benefits of our Engine Decontamination Treatment, we will refund the cost of the treatment guaranteed!

Give your car (or customers’ cars) the ultimate full engine clean. Contact us to start the partnership. We’re ready to provide your workshop with a full support package, including technical training for your staff. If you’re a car owner, don’t hesitate to book a car engine carbon cleaning service today.

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