EDT Automotive are pleased to announce they are becoming proud sponsors of Asthma UK from 1st June 2017.

“Treating vehicles to reduce their emitted pollution levels is what the company is about.” explained David Holmes, Managing Director of EDT Automotive. “So it makes sense for us to become partners with a charity that does so much for people suffering with a condition related to pollution problems.”

With every treatment that we provide we will also donate to Asthma UK. The money raised will go towards helping people suffering with the respiratory conditions, with a lot of current EDT partners also offering to make their own contribution when treatments are given.

“We hope to build a long lasting relationship with Asthma UK, and look forward to seeing what work our contributions will be helping in the near future.”

You can make a donation to Asthma UK here, or if you would like to book your engine decontamination treatment, contact us today!