An award winning company in Kent has come up with an innovative way to sanitise vehicles from germs including coronavirus.

Maidstone based EDT Automotive are offering a full mobile vehicle sanitisation service throughout Kent for both families and driving professionals.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on life and although there has been an easing of restrictions throughout the UK, government guidelines continue to call on the public to be vigilant.

Vehicles are especially susceptible to germs given the confined interior space and fluctuating temperatures which are a notorious breeding ground for both bacteria and viruses.

EDT says its new vehicle fogging service kills 99.9% of germs including coronavirus, SARS, E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, listeria, swine flu and norovirus.

“A car has 30,000 times more germs than a toilet seat and that is one of the reasons we felt we had to act by introducing this all new service,” said company managing director David Holmes.

For just £49.99, we can go to people’s homes or places of business in Kent to sanitise their vehicles and wipe out 99.9% of germs, especially coronavirus.

“When you’re more than one person travelling in a car or a professional driver or messenger, then getting your vehicle sanitised really is a must.”

“Even though we’re a small company, we work nationwide and now, we’re doing something radical and different that is beneficial to people in Kent.”

It is not the first time that EDT have been recognised for their innovative work.

Back in 2015, the company was honoured at the International Green World Ambassadors Awards after David and his team developed a system that dramatically reduced pollutant outputs from vehicle exhausts.

Thousands of customers that had implemented EDT’s service had also made big savings on fuel costs.

“A lot of people will happily sanitise their homes or workplaces but not give too much thought about sanitising their vehicles,” continued David.

“Germs absolutely thrive in a confined car environment. Coughing, even talking, can spew coronavirus in the air for minutes, and it can stay on hard surfaces and air conditioning systems for hours.

He adds: “This new product of ours is on the same line as our reduced pollutant outputs theme several years ago.

“We have proven technology that‘s been tested by Chem Lab, SIRIM and Standard

System and TU. It’s a quick, convenient process undertaken by trained professionals for a full internal vehicle sanitisation.

“It will disinfect the inside of a vehicle and keep people safe.”

For more information about EDT’s mobile vehicle sanitisation service, call 01233 712341 or email

You can also visit the website by clicking here.