With almost 200 five-star reviews on Trust Pilot, the EDT Automotive’s engine decontamination machine has established itself as a credible option for garages. With over 100,000 engines in the UK under our belt, we are certain the machine will boost revenue for any garage.

As an EDT partner for more than 18 months, the Kettering Motorists Centre has experienced first hand how impactful the machine can be on your business. Despite scepticism early on, Tim Hartley from the centre has expressed the popularity of the service with customers. He explained the popularity is due to the positive impact the service has on customer fuel economy, CO2 emissions, overall engine performance and drivability.

Taking just 15 minutes to remove carbon build-up and metallic particles, the machine achieves amazing results. The EDT ‘pay as you go’ concept makes it even more credible.

Watch the full review below and see how effective the EDT Automotive engine decontamination machine can help your garage.

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