You can now clean the inside of your engine – you care for the exterior now you can care for your cars heart.

The ever increasing global problem of carbon build up in the emissions, has led to an increase of workshops offering EDT treatments to all the customers

Imagine a dishwasher cleaning out all the carbon deposits and debris that cannot be removed on a normal oil change.


The reason you cannot remove all the carbon is your relying on gravity. The EDT machine connects to the sump and oil filter housing and pumps an environmentally friendly oil at 40 degrees at 42 psi all around the engine pulsating and purging all the old oil breaking down the build-up of dirty oil from all the arteries and galley’s inside the engine that cannot and will not come out by just dropping the oil.


Why do this treatment?

Simply we change the co-efficient of friction allowing good clean oil to flow around the engine as it was designed to do.

The results are improved Miles Per Gallon up to 26%, Lower emissions improving the environment, restored break horse power bringing the car back to how it should perform like it was brand new, and restored torque, allowing the engine to perform at its optimum level.


All this for just £99 + VAT Plus oil and filter


We recommend the treatment be completed every two years however you can have it done every year and put the smile back on the face of you and the car.