Our Engine Decontamination Treatment machine has been recently introduced at Cavendish Motors in Ashington.

Based in the North East of England, they are one of the first in the area to offer the engine cleaning service. Cavendish Motors have built their reputation on providing top quality service and having invested in our technology they can now provide something extra special to their customers and their vehicles.

Arguably an oil change is one of the most important parts of any service, during the oil change the EDT machine will be connected to the engine’s oil filter housing and sump. The process of cleaning the engine only takes around 15 minutes, but the results can be felt instantly.

Marc Lennon, proprietor of Cavendish Motors, said “We’ve now run this machine on everything from a Jaguar to a Ford Transit. The results are instantly felt by the owners when they drive off. We’ve even had cars that failed their MOT on emissions but, after we ran the EDT machine, they passed. It still amazes us to see just how much dirt comes out of an engine. The EDT Filter really tell a story and that can only a good thing.”

For more information please view the video below.