EDT Automotive’s engine cleaning process can flush out some surprising items. Pictured below are timing chain tensioner pieces and carbon retrieved from a high mileage 1.6HDI engine. The fragments pictured were caught in the EDT engine cleaning machine’s filter, which is renowned for collecting up to half a litre of black sludge containing carbon, metallic particles and other contaminants.

In response to these images, EDT Automotive founder, David Holmes stated “It’s not unusual for our partner garages to find metallic fragments following an EDT machine service – we’ve even seen broken dipsticks before now. It just goes to show what would have otherwise been left inside the engine following a traditional oil flush and would have gone on to do untold damage to the engine.”

In the EDT’s unique cleaning system, the engine’s oil system is cleaned in order to effectively prepare it to receive the new oil without any contamination from the residue which would normally be left after conventional servicing.

The unit heats and pulses a light mineral oil in and around the engine’s oil system, breaking down the carbon, sludge and wear-abrasive material and then vacuuming it out through the sump via a 1 micron filtration system.

The cleaning process is quick and fully automated. It lasts just 13 minutes once connected, enabling technicians to take care of other jobs around the workshop.

David added: “The results are likened to that of a manual engine strip, with fuel economy increased by up to 26 per cent, power increased by up to 6bhp and torque increased by up to 7ft-lb. CO is also reduced by an average of 69 per cent and diesel smoke reduced by an average of 58 per cent.”

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