EDT Automotive have carried out thousands of vehicle treatments, removing contamination, improving mpg, reducing their emissions and enhancing the overall performance of cars. The Engine Decontamination Machine would benefit any garage and it’s customers.

Firstly, the unique award-winning machine cleans your customers engines 25 times cleaner than the original filter. This comes with a number of benefits, including a more enhanced clean than the regular oil flush provided with servicing, improvements in mpg, reduced emissions, and much more performance enhancing benefits.

Secondly, our paper used system is with no capital outlay and we aim to get you into profit within two months of owning the machine. With 100,558 treatments so far (25/03/19), you are sure to see the same results.

Thirdly, EDT Automotive is the UK’s highest rated car care provider on Trustpilot with 166 five-star reviews and a score of 9.9. This means you can promise a great service to your customers with our machine.

In addition, EDT Automotive provide partners with total product support for the entire duration of the contract. This means you can relax in the knowledge that you will always have support when it comes to treating your customers cars.

Finally, the EDT Automotive machine is a profit generator for your garage as it excites customers and drives customer satisfaction up in your business.

For further information, please watch the video here.

If you are interested in becoming an EDT Partner, please call us on 01233 71234.