Green Apple award-winner, EDT Automotive, is ready to launch the next generation of its ground-breaking engine cleaning machines, offering users excellent filtration and ease of use. The second generation of both the engine cleaning and auto transmission machines will be fully electric and significantly quieter during operation, as neither requires an air supply to function. The updated machines also benefit from improved and expanded engine fittings including extended reach hoses, for easier manoeuvrability and connectivity to the customer’s vehicle.

Filtration is also immensely improved from 5 micron down to an impressive 3 micron, with previous generation machines due to be upgraded to reflect these enhancements when their next service is due. An all-new detox solution will come as standard with the new equipment and will also be made available to previous machines at the time of their next service. Cosmetic changes have been made, enhancing the aesthetics of the machine whilst keeping all connectors close to hand with the addition of a practical built-in storage compartment.

Commenting of the revamped technology, Gary Rowney, Operations Director highlighted “The next generation of our state-of-the-art engine cleaning technology will help us to build on the foundations of an already very successful year for the business. We’ve already seen an overwhelmingly positive response amongst our network and a real appetite from motorists for this kind of service, as it’s unlike anything else which is currently available. We’ve even been recognised by the Green Organisation for our efforts in improving sustainability. The new equipment will further enhance all of these achievements, and help people to see significant improvements in their vehicles’ fuel economy and emissions, as well as drivability and performance .”

Orders for the new machines are available now, with further additions to the product range soon to be expected. Auto transmission cleaner and conditioner twin packs, suitable for standard automatics, CVT and DSG transmissions, are also available to order.