Never! There should be a warning against it, particularly DIY flushes.

If you are concerned that your engine might be clogged up with old oil sludge, and as a result could cause engine problems, then you are right in getting it sorted. You may have heard of an engine oil flush, and have seen the DIY products available rather than going to a garage, but an engine flush is not the right way. Yes you will break down the sludge but you will also run the risk of particulates being forced into small areas of the engine that they are not meant to go in.

These are potentially harmful. Also the solvent used may itself not be flushed out. Any remaining solvent will affect the oil thus requiring an oil change sooner to remove the tainted oil.

All of this could be avoided if instead of an engine flush you had an engine decontamination treatment using a bespoke environmentally friendly bio fuel food grade white oil.

So an engine decontamination treatment is not an engine oil flush?

No, it is far more scientific and substantial than that. An engine decontamination treatment is a controlled and monitored process which takes 15 minutes and you are not just presented with a before and after sample of the oil condition, instead you will see it happen before your eyes. You also receive an oil and filter change as part of the treatment. An old fashioned engine flush is carried out with the engine running, an engine decontamination treatment from EDT Automotive is undertaken with the engine off. Also EDT Automotive filter through a separate 5 micron filter not the car’s 25 micron one, so its significantly safer than a traditional engine oil flush.

The benefits to the engine from an engine decontamination treatment are also substantiated, backing up the whole process with a guarantee. How many engine flushes come with that?

If only the phrase engine flush could be eradicated and replaced with an engine decontamination treatment the world would be a happier place.