Many of you have given your house a deep clean, venturing into areas of neglect and hoarding. A big clear out does wonders; more space, a better functioning house and almost feels like new. What if you did the same to your car’s engine?

Your car may have started to feel a little sluggish and using more fuel and you’re wondering if it is time to trade it in. Think again, you need to give your engine a deep clean too.

An engine deep clean or engine decontamination treatment is a thorough clean of an engine’s internal deposits. The unseen sludge that slows down or even stops effective oil flow through the engine has a huge impact on the efficiency of your car. By removing this on a regular basis you can ensure the engine ‘lives’ longer and drives better.

So what is an engine deep clean?
EDT Automotive introduced their engine decontamination treatment to the UK in 2013 and instantly began to show people how the average oil change failed to remove all the old oil. This old oil then continued to collect residue ultimately making an oil change completely ineffective, regardless of the quality of oil.
Enter the EDT ‘Machine’. For the engine deep clean the EDT machine pumps an environmentally friendly liquid into the engine. This liquid removes the build-up previously mentioned which contains carbon and varnish and other particles, and the best bit is that you can see it happening. A clear container shows you everything being removed. Just like filling up a skip of rubbish from your house. says the treatment is “fast becoming a ‘must have’ treatment”

Reading the testimonials and the bold claims as to how an EDT engine deep clean will improve performance, fuel efficiency and reduce emissions the only question that remains is where and when can I have the treatment done?

Simple contact EDT Automotive today and we’ll book you in.