With so many engine oils to choose from, and many saying they are the best around, it is hard to know the best one to choose. Your instinct may be to go for brands you’ve heard of, but is that any better than the alternatives and would you notice the difference in the engine’s performance?

Your engine’s performance depends on more than just the quality of oil. The benefits of higher grade oils are nullified if your engine is decontaminated with sludge. Engine sludge not only affects the oil’s performance but is more likely damaging the engine. If important components of the engine are being blocked by sludge, oil cannot pass through. After a prolonged period of time this will ultimately reduce the life of the engine.

To combat the build-up of sludge oil manufacturers developed synthetic oils but is this enough?

NO! Not even a regular oil change will be enough; you need to completely clean the engine of sludge before replacement oil can work effectively.

A periodic engine decontamination treatment is a must, especially with aging cars. Not only will each treatment remove the sludge from your engine (you can see it happening), it will give your engine noticeably better performance and longer life.

So before you ask what is the best engine oil, have an engine detox. With an EDT Automotive engine decontamination treatment all of your engine will receive the ultimate flow of oil and finally you may be able to tell the difference in oils. Without an engine decontamination treatment you will never know.

To know more about the treatment and how it can benefit your car and your pocket contact us today.