How many of us actually do it ourselves? Most of us have this done as part of a routine service as time, inclination and confidence are major obstacles. Another obstacle would be if the oil filter and/or drain plug are nigh on impossible to reach.

In short, to change your engine oil you need to warm the engine for a few minutes and then turn the engine off. Don’t make it too hot though as you need to touch it, just enough to loosen the gunk. You then need to find the drain plug. For this you need to get under the car… OK quick question, who would stop now? I can imagine a lot of you are now dialling your garages.

But is your garage going to change your oil effectively? Possibly they will follow a procedure similar to one that you would have followed if we’d continued to explain how to change the oil yourself, but will they have checked fully that all of the gunk had been removed before putting in new oil?

This is where changing the oil becomes that little bit more involved. An apparently simple exercise of; warm engine, drain fluid, add new oil is complicated by a question. Did the garage remove all of the old oil?

What happens if they didn’t, will that affect the running of my car?

The truth is yes. Any residue from old oil will affect the flow of oil to the engine. The engine will have to work harder which will use more fuel and could possibly affect the smooth running of the engine. The intervention of an engine decontamination treatment would eliminate this issue completely.

Your engine will love it!

Get in touch and discuss how an engine decontamination treatment will be like nectar to your engine.