There are so many oils on the market it is hard to know which one to go for, let alone what size you need. Just how much oil can a car take; does that vary from make and model? Does everyone use the grades of oil recommended in the handbooks?

Knowing which oil will give your car optimum performance is important. But is it really optimum performance?

For that to happen, the oil changes need to effectively return the engine back to showroom standard. The chances are that there will be residue from old oil collecting with each change because of an ineffective engine flush. If it is a used car, or a classic car then it might have a history of wrong oils being used or poor oil changes.

This is a problem if the oil change is not giving your car optimum performance, even with the right engine oil. If this process continues for a number of years there will be further build-up of residue and each time the optimum performance level drops. The fuel costs will go up as there will be a decrease in miles per gallon and the worst case scenario is that your car could misleadingly become ineffective and may be traded in well before its real life-cycle.

That doesn’t have to happen!

An engine decontamination treatment periodically will increase the life of a car; it will make the car feel like new, it will improve fuel efficiency and ultimately your car will feel loved. That is where the EDT Automotive Engine Decontamination Treatment comes into its own.

To give your engine the boost it craves you don’t need to go to a dealership, you just need to give us a call and book your car in for its treatment. You will even see the results.