One of our partners, Renovo Autocentre, were lucky enough to recently carry out an EDT Deep Engine Clean on a replica Knight Rider car. Fondly known as K.I.T.T in the hit 80’s TV show (Knight Industries Two Thousand), the model was famous for its ability to communicate with the driver, plus many other ingenius features to help fight crime.

Although this model worked on by Renovo Autocentre is not an original, it still boasts the iconic pop-up lights, ‘KNIGHT’ plate, front light and instantly recogonisable shape. The car is a Pontiac Trans AM and still looks great on today’s roads. We are certain this was a fantastic model to work on and was a bit of a change from the normal vehicles we receive!

The EDT Deep Engine Clean will ensure this fantastic model will continue to turn heads on the road for many years to come, whilst also saving on fuel, reducing its emissions and offering enhanced performance.

Watch the Knight Rider cleaning process below:

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