Here at EDT Automotive, we are proud to say we are well known for our Engine Decontamination Machine. However, EDT also offers gearbox treatments. The auto transmission machine removes accumulated contaminants that build up over time.

An independent Volvo specialist, Horton Cars, Buckinghamshire, stated: “The obvious issue with automatic gearboxes is that it’s very difficult to get all of the fluid out of the gearbox when you do an oil change.

“Using the EDT machine, you can remove all of the oil from the gearbox and clean out every last little bit”

Graham Lange – Volvo Specialist, Horton Cars

Graham continued: “The figure is something like 97% of the oil is changed, which is not possible with simply draining the oil and replacing it – even if you flush the oil two or three times, you will not get the same result as you do with the EDT machine”.

The EDT machine undertakes automatic transmission fluid exchanges, removing old fluids and flushing the transmission through, with a bespoke cleaner, before replenishing it with new fluid and conditioner. This results in smoother gear changes, improved power delivery and fuel economy.

The EDT machine comes with a set of adaptors which is compatible with the majority of gearboxes. The machine becomes part of the gearbox circuit once connected, and works by flowing through the gears, ensuring all the oil reaches through the valve body and the torque converter. This ensures the fluid is flowing all the way through the gearbox and being cleaned and removed.

The EDT’s Pay-as-you-go concept makes the product an attractive proposition to independent garages, as the concept eliminates any financial risk. Graham of Horton Cars said: “it’s very much a profit generator.

“Basically, you rent the machine simply by each treatment that you do, [instead of] forking out for three or four thousand pounds worth of machinery.

“Most people are very very happy with [this] service, because it effectively works.