EDT have been included in renowned magazine, New Statesman’s technology feature this week, looking at their innovative Engine Decontamination Treatment machine and how it has improved the driving lives of over 25,000 people.

After being founded in 2013, EDT have gone on to recently win the prestigious Green Apple Award with their treatment being described as a “a no-brainer”, because it pays for itself in fuel savings.

The article also features an extract from  Managing director, David Holmes explaning to readers just how the Engine Cleaning Machine delivers such high quality results. “Our machine heats an environmentally friendly mineral-based solution to 42 degrees and pulses it through the oil galleries at 40 psi. It is then passed through an ultra-fine (three micron) filter which removes up to half a litre of thick black sludge including carbon and metallic particles, varnish, even the odd broken-off dipstick – stuff that doesn’t come out in an ordinary oil change.”

“We only launched EDT in 2013 and have already treated more than 25,000 cars. We are now well on the way to establishing a true nationwide network – of both main dealers and high-quality independent garages, including many Bosch Service Centres. The fact we’ve done that so quickly tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the product. We’ve also just launched a new auto transmission-cleaning machine which makes gear changes smoother and more responsive.”

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