Over the operational life of an engine, it is common knowledge that fuel economy and performance will deteriorate, whilst the amount of detected emissions at each annual MOT will climb. This is due to the build up of grime and sludge from the churning of repeatedly heated and cooled oil.

Scheduled services manage to keep a lid on the problem, while oil changes and engine flush treatments help to minimise the effects on your engine, but EDT’s Engine Decontamination Machine eliminates the problem completely.

Speaking to some of EDT’s partnered garages, The Workshop Magazine’s Andrew Evans finds out how garage owners and vehicle technicians reacted to the incredible results that their innovative machine produces.

Talking about the machine’s ease of use, Mark Kettle, the managing director of EAC Telford, stated: ‘It’s as simple as draining oil. It’s a very easy machine to use. Everyone down here was trained on it on day one – we’ve got a staff of six and everyone’s comfortable using it. All have done the treatment on various different vehicles. I’ve not found anything it can’t connect to – it’s a very well engineered machine and a great product. We put it on our staff cars. We weren’t very optimistic, really, but our main technician said it transformed his car.’

Every garage they spoke to said that it carried out the treatment on ‘between two and four cars a day, with the process being offered as part of an interim service.’

Once hooked up to the vehicle, the EDT machine runs through a pre-programmed automated cycle, flushing through a bespoke, environmentally friendly,  food grade bio-fuel at around 40psi, bringing up to 1/2 litre of muck out with it. Because the process is fully automated, the technicians involved have the opportunity to carry on with other things in the workshop, increasing garage efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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