Having cleaned the engines of over 22,000 cars, and only being founded in 2013,  EDT Automotive have had a growing demand for their exceptional engine cleaning treatment that can increase fuel economy up to 26% and reduce harmful emissions by an average of 69%. Treating all kinds of cars from Bentleys to MGs, the Engine Cleaning Machine has left thousands of satisfied customers contacting them about just how much their vehicle’s performance has improved since the treatment – Below is just one of those customer reviews about the EDT treatment:

As you may remember, I recently brought my 3.0L V6 Jaguar XF, into you
to have an EDT done. When I purchased the car, it had a full Jaguar
service history and had been well looked after, by its one previous
owner, but I had no idea if it had been doing lots of short journeys or
running on supermarket fuels.

I felt I should drop you an email to thank you for your recommendation
and to tell you of my findings. I immediately noticed the tick over was
quieter and smoother, but the biggest difference was the increase in
performance, I was very happy with it before I had the EDT done but It
certainly feels more responsive since (even my wife noticed the
difference). I have recently been on a European holiday with the car and
was amazed to discover I was getting an extra 50 miles to each tank full
of fuel I think this goes to show its already paid for itself.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Once again thank you for all you help.

Kindest regards,

Mr E

To experience the EDT treatment for yourself, call 01233 712341 or email info@edtautomotive.com to book in your vehicle.