Dozens of Independent garages across the UK now offer EDT’s innovative service to their customers as a way of getting the most out of their prized vehicle. This time, The Green Organisation, renowned for the prestigious Green Apple Awards, got to experience just how beneficial the EDT treatment can be.

Using a 2006 130,000 mile Ssangyong Rodius as their guinea-pig, Stuart from EDT and everyone at Full Circle Garage, where the treatment took place, was keen to prove how effective their machine is.

“Before the treatment we would typically get 470-490 miles per tank (refilling16.5 gallons / 75 litres), embarrassingly smoky cold starting and truly lack-lustre performance. But Immediately after the treatment it was clear that the engine ran more smoothly – and the vibration that we had learnt to live with had disappeared entirely!”

Furthermore, before the treatment the car was producing 29.7mpg, but tests afterwards showed that the Rodius is now delivering 33.6mpg; an improvement of over 13%, or in other words – better than one free tank of fuel per ten. Working it out, the £150 cost for the treatment would have been repaid within the first 7 months, making it a definite worthwhile investment.

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